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 The 1st dual-core with APU, Acer Desire One 522 Review.

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The 1st dual-core with APU, Acer Desire One 522 Review. Empty
PostSubject: The 1st dual-core with APU, Acer Desire One 522 Review.   The 1st dual-core with APU, Acer Desire One 522 Review. Icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 3:04 pm

Ultra-thin system
Although the Internet two years ago the market haven't so hot, but as being a refinement of notebook products and solutions, the Internet or has a unique range of applications. Acer has been online in this market to grant a high importance, even today, Acer is also never stopped the promotion with the Internet.
And before the difference is the Internet is now more increased exposure of the practical applications not to mention user experience, many products are however entertainment licensing. This time we received an Acer Aspire One 522 netbook, its greatest feature is the application of the AMD Ontario Extremely Low Voltage processor, it can be AMD APU family affiliates.
In design terms, this Acer Aspire One 522 which has a full black design, and top cover to the piano paint process. Generally, we see each new product designs are incredibly conspicuous on, the more the relative cool with the market, there will are more beautiful appearance of the choices to attract consumers.
Acer Aspire One 522 pre-loaded with a 10. 1-inch lustrous screen, it is worth noting that the Internet is usually 10 inches to your screen resolution is 1024 back button 600, and the resolution with this product compared to 1280x720. Acer reason to raise the resolution of this product, mainly because the present standard-definition video standard 720p, but this device has hit the training video entertainment, so be sure to keep up with the screen conclusion Caixing.
This machine uses the tilt adopted style and design, this design can make our bodies look slimmer. Overall, this Aspire One 522 Netbook Acer sticking with a consistent design type, sleek, stylish, beautiful, I believe this design also are the majority of clients.
Full-size keyboard
The small size of the Internet space because the keyboard was one of several mind, but this Acer Aspire One 522 is just not, it uses a full-size pc style keyboard, so users will be more comfortable when typing. Precisely why this machine can be taken full-size keyboard, mainly due to maximum extent of their use of body surface area about 鈥嬧€婥, we see that facet of the keyboard there is not much left little room for a lot of the space occupied by that keyboard.
acer aspire a single 522 duckweed using well-known pc style keyboard design, this keyboard design is traditionally used in Acer notebook. By way of testing, we found the pc style keyboard feel is quite good for years to enter text lacking fatigue.

<! --
AB_pos = "intext";
AB_lang = "en";
AB_cat_channel = "2800671232, inch;
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file. write(unescape("%3Cscript src='http: //d21j60o022fwiu. cloudfront. net/gads/controller3. js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

google_ad_channel = "7940249670, inch + AB_cat_channel + AB_unit_channel;
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The entire body surface space is reduced, so the Acer Aim One 522 and the the surface of the keyboard shortcut keys are usually not configured too much, just arranged an electrical switch on the quit. The machine will change when the power button lights up blue lgt, the effect is still very good.
We can see in the thickness of the experiment, this machine is in regards to the average thickness of 25mm. For the net, it was considered the thickness of the handle of law-abiding.
Interface outline
In the interface construction, the Acer Aspire A person 522 fuselage right side with the configuration of some audio interface, cable user interface, USB interface and unit card reader interface, the left side in the fuselage has two USB interfaces, VGA interfaces, HDMI software and Power Interface. Though this machine compact shape, but its configuration is incredibly complete interface types, as well as use largely to meet the daily needs of you.
Since most of online have adopted the ultra-low-power processors, hence the body heat are very small. For this reason, we see excessive heat is not configured bottom of the fuselage hole, overall it is rather simple.
Acer Aspire One 522 speakers inside bottom of the fuselage, on account of body size constraints, the speaker unit area is just not large, so the effect associated with putting this machine is quite general. However, the Internet can be a portable, after all, the principle characteristics of the item, we can not how good it is demanding multimedia functionality.
For the reason that Internet is not recommended to supply high power, which means this machine did not use a traditional notebook power adapter, but to utilize a more compact adapter style and design, it is called Acer "MiniGo energy adapter" This adapter is more compact and portable, and the removable plug, very convenient to handle.
By weighing the test you can see, this machine to the machine plus the excess fat of the聽 acer desire one 522 battery 聽 (acer would like one d260 battery 聽) 1. 17kg. Just for this 10-inch netbook, this type of weight is normal. When compared to the traditional laptop, the Internet comes with the more obvious your thin edge.
CPU IntroductionIn the particular configuration, this machine uses the AMD C-50 dual-core particularly low voltage processor, and possesses 1GB of RAM and 250GB hard disk drive, integrated graphics chip is definitely ATI Mobility Radeon HD6250. It can be worth noting that we have not received this product contains the operating system, users should use an external drive or other solutions to install the operating system with the line.
AMD AMD C-50 will be the market for portable particularly low voltage processor, their core code-named Ontario. It can be understood that, Ontario can be AMD APU products, new architecture determined by Bobcat, which uses 40nm process technology, the integrated DX11 graphics core support structure. Ontario family members currently has three products and solutions, namely, C-30, C-50 along with C-60, in which C-30 being a single Core products, C-50 and C-60 is often a dual-core products.
AMD Ontario brand is Intel Atom processor, a direct competitor, along with Atom compared, Ontario processor core operation in graphics to win a good deal. The built-in ATI Flexibility Radeon HD6250 integrated illustrations or photos support for high-definition movie output, and supports DX11, and that is the current Atom processor can not match.
Finally, we employed HD Tach software, the complete performance of this product was tested, the test you can see the average go through speed of 52. 6MB or s, results quite satisfactory.
Test Summary:
And the booming with the 08 different, and now the net market, a piece with "cake" has shrunk. Within this environment, only for supplement differentiation, personalization can be recognized by consumers. We see the Internet can not notice that this market has the smoke of the price war, but try to do all the manufacturers are talking about things their own supplements, I believe this is a right Internet market enhancement. We can see that your evaluation of this Acer Would like One 522 flagship night-life brand, dual-core AMD C-50 processor configurations to experience a very good high-definition movie playback capability, with this advantage, I believe this machine can be a lot of the concerns of consumers.
via: comp-parts. com/blog/the-first-dual-core-with-apu-acer-aspire-one-522-review. html <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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The 1st dual-core with APU, Acer Desire One 522 Review.
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