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 Print Management Ways of Avoid Docuwaste And Improve Efficiency.

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Print Management Ways of Avoid Docuwaste And Improve Efficiency. Empty
PostSubject: Print Management Ways of Avoid Docuwaste And Improve Efficiency.   Print Management Ways of Avoid Docuwaste And Improve Efficiency. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 3:18 pm

It is estimated that in 2006 European small businesses wasted over 9 billion euros through inefficient internet business practices, up from 8. 5 billion euros in 2004. High of this waste is placed down to "Docuwaste" - an enormous over-indulgence in print utilization which waste untold reams of paper and gallons for ink and toner - for no financial gain to anyone.

However, there is some evidence in great britan, where Docuwaste actually decreased by 4% from the same period, that businesses are taking note of this massive problem. This could be as small as the fact that quite a few financial organisations in britain need to control print output for compliance good reasons, and are using Print management software applications to monitor, control and in actual fact charge for printer use.

Such print management programs are often introduced during a managed print support by external suppliers. But applications at the moment are often included at certainly no additional cost with models (e. g. Hewlett Packard's World-wide-web Jetadmin). Such systems don't simply work "reactively" to furnish detailed reports on unit usage, but they could also be used proactively to ensure which usually any printing policies (e. h. duplex double sided printing) as well as to restrict access to several features (e. g. colour printing) as well as to set print quotas for each team, workgroup or dept.

More about print autorouting

You could start to ensure that print jobs are delivered to the printer best suited to the task? This may be done using an auto-routing regime, such as is provided with any reasonable-quality print direction software suite. Thus within the example scenario, where a user would like send a 2 page document to some desktop printer (ideal for the task) then the software will allow this. However, if the exact same user tried to transmit a 200-page document towards the same printer, the software will alert the operator, and send it towards more appropriate high acceleration departmental or workgroup Multifunctional substantial speed device.

Email generating control

Print management software rules will also be set for specific products, so that an administrator could enforce an insurance policy not to print email messages, for example. Or it would be configured so that email messages were only ever printed in written agreement, thus avoiding a colour click charge when an email with a coloured logo or a highlighted email address was initially printed.

Other efficiencies brought in

How about the time wasting which can create hidden costs? By automatically routing positions from an out-of-order printer to at least one that actually is working can be one example. Another example would be the prioritising of print jobs for designated people that have important deadlines to fulfill.

Secure print solutions - "follow me" printing

More than half of those who replied to a recent Fujitsu Siemens' survey said they had printed the same document frequency by mistake and 43% said they will had mistakenly picked up another woman's printout. Such wasteful - and frustrating - problems is usually avoided using Secure Produce Programmes. These are more generally known through the term "follow me printing". How are you affected is that the hard copy job is held on the server on a server until the owner releases them by just entering a code or simply swiping a card on a network printer. Because the document is simply not printed until the user reaches the machine, prints do not need a chance to fall under the wrong hands and get removed by another.


Another major benefit from print job tracking is going without shoes becomes possible to cost customers or departments for that prints they make. Price tag recovery solutions, again a component of any good print relief software suite, can be used to charge customers by just invoice or through pre-pay techniques.
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Print Management Ways of Avoid Docuwaste And Improve Efficiency.
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