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 Sony is defined to release its next-generation Xbox 360 4 console.

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PostSubject: Sony is defined to release its next-generation Xbox 360 4 console.   Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:57 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start --> Sony might be reportedly redesigning its PlayStation Network through the ground up, perhaps to regain customer trust from a recent string of hacks took lengthy PSN outages as Sony experimented with secure the global casino network.
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The beleaguered company is creating a PSN "design upgrade that would transform the online environment towards a more image-driven layout of Xbox Live and Water, " The Register reported Tuesday, citing "sources informed about the new look. " The redesign supposedly "de-clutters" text-heavy pages to realize "an aesthetic layout with the help of logically marked sections together with rolodex lists, " good U. K. -based technological journal. The new-look PSN develop also features revamped google search that are more user-friendly, a "deals in the week" feature, and a movie section that generates "IMDB-style" data for particular films, such as facts about actors appearing in typically the movie. Sony (Sony VGP-BPL2C Original akku) is a frequent target of hacking people like LulzSec and Anonymous lately and was forced for you to apologize to PSN buyers for data breaches and network shutdowns from the outset of its keynote address at the recent E3 gaming extravaganza in Usually are. The PSN outage, the effect of an external intrusion relating to April 17 and July 19, lasted from July 20 to May 15, when Sony began bringing the network back online with a country-by-country basis after overhauling security measure protocols. Personal details from seventy seven million PSN user accounts could have been compromised by the networking intrusion鈥攊ncluding, potentially, username, security password, and even credit business card information, In bringing typically the network back online, Sony has offered its remaining users many deal sweeteners for getting this done PSN, including free personal information theft protection services. The PlayStation Network could have been targeted by "hacktivists" through retribution for Sony's decision unpick open-source features from its Ps3 console. Sony reported finding signs that this mid-April network intrusion was the of the loosely knit on line hacktivist community Anonymous, but purported spokespeople to the group have denied the charge. Meanwhile, Sony is defined to release its next-generation Xbox 360 4 console in 2012, as outlined by a DigiTimes report. Labels: Sony, Major PSN Redecorate, Sony VGP-BPS8A, Sony VGP-BPS2 <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Sony is defined to release its next-generation Xbox 360 4 console.
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